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Volume 10 No.6  November-December 2018

How big does the fire need to be?
Before we “understand”, once again, how we can pay ourselves to put it out?
J.D. Alt

Book extract: Why technology alone won’t save us
from “Managing Without Growth. Slower by Design, Not Disaster”
Peter Victor, publ by Edward Elgar. Part Two – Editor

Keen versus Krugman
Mainstream economics wrongly asserts that credit and money are neutral, with no impact on real economic activity
John Balder

There is nothing sacrosant about corporate culture
We can and must regulate it
Ann Wardrop and David Wishart

What should be the purpose of economic policy?
And what role can, and should, economists play in guiding policy decisions?
Rachel French

Neoclassical economists — a bunch of idiot savants
They do not understand what is happening in the world today

Is there a case for restoring the gold standard?
Trying to get gold back into the monetary system is a very bad idea
Lars Syll

Is the U.S. Federal Reserve privately owned?
The Fed is not owned by anyone, however it was established to serve the public interest

Governments left clueless by economic orthodoxy
Economics, as now mostly practised, is largely self-reinforcing rather than self-correcting

Mainstream economics and Modern Monetary Theory
What really divides them? A very great deal indeed!
Steven Hail

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is not about trade
But rather, it is about corporate power and control

Volume 10 No.5 September-October 2018


Why have wages been allowed to stagnate?
Ideology, ignorance, selfishness, delusion and intellectual fraud
Steven Hail

Minsky on secure employment
Guaranteed employment for all

Corporations and mainstream media on “horrors” of higher wages
Plutocratic control of the political process guarantees inequality
Dean Baker

What is a good economy?
Targeting full employment
Warren Mosler

New coal power cannot compete with solar and wind
The writing is on the wall for new coal
Mark Diesendorf

New coal doesn’t stack up
New power generation in Australia is mainly solar and wind
Matthew Stocks and Andrew Blakers

The renewable energy train is unstoppable
The NEG needs to get on board
Ken Baldwin

Does economic growth make us happier?
There is no correlation between economic growth and happiness in the long run

Fixing corporate governance – more than rearranging deckchairs
Reforming corporate structures
Andrew Linden and Warren Staples

The loanable funds fallacy
Banks are not barter institutions that transfer preexisting loanable funds
Lars Syll

CEO pay is not about value for money
Their remuneration is more about white male entitlement
Carl Rhodes and Peter Fleming

Keynes – getting money into perspective
Keynes Book Quote

RBA evidence that you’ve been played for a sucker
The numbers in the Government’s accounts aren’t money
Damian Penston

Book extract: Why technology alone won’t save us
from “Managing Without Growth: Slower by Design, Not Disaster”
by Peter Victor, publ by Edward Elgar
– Part One Editor

Only speculators will profit from an Australian economic crash
The RBA thinks high stock prices are more important than unemployment
Steve Keen

Volume 10 No.4  July-August 2018

The irresponsibility of (so-called) fiscal responsibility
Federal spending didn’t wreck the economy; deregulation and greed did
Dean Baker

Busting the NAIRU myth
Wages and employment can increase at the expense of corporate profits without causing inflation
Lars Syll

Stark contrast between U.S and French inequality

How are you going to pay for it?

Federal Treasury recognises the ‘benefits’ of breaking up banks

Achieving genuine progress in Australia
Robert Costanza, Philip Lawn, Ian Lowe, Peter Mart

Funding infrastructure
Why China is running circles around America
Ellen Brown

The Italian economic crisis
Why the euro must be abandoned
Lars Syll

Australia’s ‘electric car revolution’ won’t happen automatically
Graciela Metternicht, Gail Broadbent

Global investment in renewable energy is outshining fossil fuels

Kate Raworth on economics for the 21st century

Commentary on Doughnut Economics by Oxfam International

Budget 2018: another unfortunate budget
Steven Hail

Volume 10 No.3 – May-June 2018

A comfortable betrayal
The false debate of the economic mainstream narrative
J.D. Alt

Bank of England: How money is created

Science and the quest for truth
Objective truth is an important concept in any real science
Lars Syll

The Myth of the 2020/21 Surplus
A surplus budget within two years is not achievable
John Kelly

Neoliberal v Neoclassical economics
There are important differences between the two
Claire Connelly

Trump’s trade war, and ‘fair’ rather than ‘free’ trade
Trump is picking an unnecessary neoliberal “free trade” fight
Steven Hail

Bank income and spending – Part 2
Discussion with Jamie Walton John Hermann

U.S. Economic trends, ten years after the crash
We have renewed instability and a likely new dramatic crash
David Ruccio

The Bayer-Monsanto merger is bad news for the planet
Agribusiness giants will destroy the ecosystem for more profit
Ellen Brown

Recent revelations from the banking royal commission
Heavy penalties are on the table for bank misbehaviour

Volume 10 No.2 March-April 2018


A just social wage and a job guarantee
Essential components of future sustainable prosperity
Steven Hail

Student debt slavery
Bankrolling financiers on the backs of the young
Ellen Brown

A qualitatively improving steady-state economy
As an alternative to continued growth
Philip Lawn

The ‘mystery’ of low wages
As identified by Henry George

What is a steady state economy?
Extracted from the CASSE website

Bank income and spending
Commercial bank interest income is a flow
John Hermann

The zombie TPP is back
Abridged from the NZ-based The Daily Blog
Jane Kelsey

Australian financial regulators need policing
Regulators are at best misguided, and at worst captured
Andrew Schmulow

Self-driving, electric and shared vehicles – utopia or nightmare?
A holistic management approach is needed Jake Whitehead
Michael Kane

The benefits of job automation might not be shared equally
Workers’ wages are not growing in line with productivity growth
Shahid Shahiduzzaman, Marek Kowalkiewicz, Rowena Barrett

Ten drivers damaging the living world
Identified by recent ACF commissioned research Editor

The absurdity of the budget deficit hysteria
A government deficit is a non-government surplus
Marshall Auerback

Volume 10 No.1  January-February 2018


Capitalism’s slow-burn energy collapse
Why the struggle for a new economic paradigm is about to get real

The design flaw at the core of humanity’s malaise
Human and ecological wellbeing requires a new design framework
Judith Schwartz

Advice to aspiring economists
Lars Syll

Keynes on employment

Big banks are committing major crimes against our climate
To stop runaway climate change, the banks must be on board
Alison Kirsch

Why we need a federal job guarantee
Giving everyone a job will democratize the economy
Mark Paul, William Darity, Darrick Hamilton

Where has all the surplus gone?
David Ruccio

General thinking about government deficits is mostly wrong
Abbreviated version of an article by Stephanie Kelton
Darian Hiles

The public bank option
Safer, local, and half the cost
Ellen Brown

Governments haven’t always shirked responsibility for our low wages
Post-war Australia had full employment and falling inequality
Warwick Smith

Why the big four asked for a parliamentary inquiry into banking
The banks are seeking to influence the terms of reference
George Rennie

Latest financial inquiry will fall short of what is needed
John Hermann

What happened in the mid 1970s?