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Volume 16 No.1 January – February 2024


What is sustainable development?
In the 21st century the need for carefully planned sustainable development has become acute, and requires overcoming the neoliberal economic system.
Mark Diesendorf

Choosing unemployment: what of job seekers? – part 2
Unemployment is a choice made by governments, corporations and central banks.
John Haly

The road is long and time is short, but Australia’s pace towards net zero is quickening
Australia has an enormous opportunity in decarbonising quickly, in a world that wants the same.
Anna Skarbek

Recommended new film: Finding the money
Extracts from an article by Steven Hail, about a new economic school of thought that has been born and is gaining traction

The magnificent failure of mainstream economics
Reflections on economic mismanagement and the 2008 global collapse into the greatest
economic crisis since the Great Depression.
Steve Keen

Amendment of the climate change Act will offer a future for young people
The young are increasingly anxious about climate change and the perpetration of misinformation and disinformation on social media.
David Shearman

Finding the tools to end the cost of living crisis
Finding an end to the cost of living crisis will depend on modern economic theories rather than current outdated monetary models.
Steven Hail