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ERA Review 2023

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Volume 15 No.1 January-February 2023


Neoliberalism as an enabler of the spread of Covid-19
The virus spread was aided by “epidemiological neoliberalism”
Imad A. Moosa

Two big budget fallacies harming Australians
We do not need to tolerate poverty and homelessness
Geoff Davies

The fantasy economics of the Nobel prize
How banks create money
Steve Keen

The Federal Treasury’s central bank (RBA) account
Any creator of money has no need to save or store that money
John Hermann

Monetary and fiscal policy frameworks for Australia – part 1
Neoclassical economics still guides the RBA’s monetary decisions
John Haly

Modern money and inflation
Expansion of the money supply by the state should be targeted at unemployment, in order to prevent stagflation from happening
Asad Zaman

The Coming Global Financial Revolution (part 1)
Russia is following the American playbook
Ellen Brown

Zero fossil fuels by 2050 without energy austerity
It is feasible to end burning fossil fuels by 2050 without sacrificing energy services
Richard Corin

The use and abuse of MMT (Part 2)
Explaining the effects of government budget deficits on asset-price inflation and commodity-price inflation
Michael Hudson, Dirk Bezemer, Steve Keen, Sabri Öncü

World’s biggest flow battery opens in China
The vanadium flow battery is a paradigm shift in big storage
Ellen Phiddian

New OEC Under-Secretary-General for Financing and Development
Dr Fadhel Kaboub has been appointed to this position