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Ten drivers damaging the living world


The following drivers of unsustainability identified by recent ACF commissioned research were found to be strongly interconnected and mutually reinforcing:

  1. The dominant world paradigm of free markets, individualism and technological progress.
  2. Undervaluing of the natural world and increasing disconnection from nature.
  3. Endless pursuit of economic growth through unrestrained free markets.
  4. Corporate marketing and associated overconsumption.
  5. Social tendencies to discount risks that don’t seem immediate and reject risks that seem overwhelming, and the psychological desire to conform.
  6. Media that tend to reflect and reinforce established power structures.
  7. Persistent human population growth.
  8. Technological advances that amplify human impact on the natural world.
  9. Government and market institutions that ignore environmental degradation.
  10. Limited access to environmental justice within the legal system.

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