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On this page we want to provide you with information and links to a range of web based resources that can inform your thinking on economics and the broader social issues.

Discussions on money, its creation and availability to sovereign currency governments in the time of COVID 19.

The money story’ told by a father of MMT
Alan Kohler speaks with one of the founders of modern monetary theory, Warren Mosler, to take us through ‘the money story’ and the origins of modern monetary theory.

4 August 2020

Podcast with Alan Kohler and Professor William Mitchell.
30 March 2020

Bill Mitchell maintains an extensive blog on macroeconomic research, teaching and advocacy.

Steven Hail made the following video to discuss the current situation and the increasing relevance of MMT.
20 March 2020.

Dr Steven Hail is a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Adelaide.

For more presentations go to our Youtube channel

The Sustainable Prosperity Conference took place in Adelaide in January 2020.

A full overview of the conference with links to video recordings of the presentations can be found on our conference webpage.