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Upcoming Events

ERA Adelaide hosts regular public meetings on economic and financial issues which take place at The Joinery, 111 Franklin St, Adelaide. Details of upcoming meetings will appear on this page as they are confirmed.

Modern Markets – what they are, how they emerged, and their desirable and undesirable features
a talk by Prof Phil Lawn.

Date: Saturday 25th May
Time: 2.00pm – 4.00 pm
Venue: Seminar room of The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide

Time will also be allowed for a short Q&A session following Phil’s presentation.
Nibbles and refreshments will be provided for informal discussions after the event.
Gold coin donation appreciated.

FINDING THE MONEY lifts the lid on how money works, injecting new hope and empowering democracies around the world to tackle climate change and inequality.
This showing, also at The Joinery, follows the previous event and starts at 4.45pm.
Please make a booking via this link:

Past ERA Events

23 March 2024

Modern money – what it is, how it emerged, and its desirable and undesirable features
Presentation by Dr Phil Lawn

Download a copy of the presentation slides

20 August 2023

Railways, Roads, Electricity, Water – Public or Private, why should we care?
Presentation by Richard Wales

Download a copy of the presentation slides

30 July 2023 – Perhaps we should talk about population?

Are there alternative models for a potentially less damaging society not based on endless growth? – A presentation by Stephen Morris

Download a copy of the presentation slides.


Sunday 26th March 2023 
Busting myths of neo-liberal economics and promoting a better way – a  presentation by Bob Millar.

What needs to change to achieve a thriving world that is more compassionate, caring and inclusive?  A world that works for everyone, not just the elite 1%?  After all, what’s the definition of madness – to keep doing the same thing and expect different results? 

This is the central theme of a book written by Bob Millar, The Dance of the Eagle and the Condor. You can purchase the book and find out more on Bob’s website:

Bob Millar is an Australian economist and fiscal policy adviser who has lived and worked extensively in the Pacific, Middle East and Africa, as well as in Australia and the United Kingdom.  His experiences have exposed him to indigenous wisdom and cultures as well as to western societies and structures.  

24 September 2022
Following our AGM John Hermann gave a presentation on Private and Public Debt in Australia.
Click here to download the slide presentation in pdf format.

25 June 2022 – Matching Financial and Physical Limits. 
Towards an understanding of Inflation, Stagflation, Recession and Degrowth.
Presentation by Richard Corin

23 April 2022 – Central Bank Digital Currency and Cryptocurrencies – What’s it all about?

In this seminar we explored the growing enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies and the current research into a State based digital currency.  What’s the difference. Why all the fuss?

Presentations by John Hermann and Bernard Thomson followed by discussion.

A copy of the presentation slides are available here in pdf format.

Click here to view presentation slides

17 December 2021 – End of Year function at The Joinery, Adelaide.

We began our evening together with the short TED Talk presentation by Mariana Mazzucato, a thought provoking overview of the basis of value creation.

Discussion followed and continued over our meals prepared by The Foodprint Experience.

We thank all our members and supporters and wish everyone a safe and propserous new year.

20 November 2021 – What is inflation, what are its causes, and why is an understanding of it important? A presentation by Prof Phil Lawn.

Click on the image to download the presentation slides.

25 September 2021 – Universal Basic Income and Job Guarantee.

Presentations by Bernard Thomson and David Joy were recorded and can be accessed using the links below.


31 July 2021
From Academic to Practical:  The challenges of living and working in a local intentional community.

Presentation and discussion with Michael Bayliss, activist and host of the Post Growth Australia Podcast and Sue Gilbey of the Christie Walk ecological housing project.


22 May 2021

Presentation on anthropologist Jason Hickel’s book, Less Is More. Hickel’s book painstakingly and devastatingly critiques capitalism and its fantasy of “green growth”, and paints a vision for how degrowth can replace it with a well-being economy which nurtures nature and the human spirit.

Click here to view slides from the presentation.

17 April 2021

Is Decoupling GDP Growth from Environmental Impact Possible?
Presentation and discussion with Associate Professor James Ward of UniSA.
For some background reading go to

Click here to view slides from the presentation.

20 March 2021
The place of the economy in our world – Bernard Thomson

View slides from the presentation here.

20 February 2021 – Debunking some myths about Modern Money and Banking
– John Hermann

A series of slides from this talk can be viewed here.