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Why become a member of ERA?

Membership provides you with information and education about the ideas viewpoints and insights of the wider aspects of economics that are not understood or ignored by mainstream economists. The theorising and modelling of mainstream (neoclassical) economists completely failed to predict or understand the advent of the 2007-2009 global financial crisis. Monetary policy has likewise failed to bring about a real recovery and our financial system remains fragile. In these circumstances, it is desirable to investigate the non-mainstream schools of economic thought, most of which emphasise the need for bolder fiscal measures, and especially infrastructure and environmental spending.

Membership gives you a broader understanding of the way economics affects everyone’s lives. A strong economic system operates for the common good of the nation. Unfortunately the major political parties remain trapped within a failed economic paradigm which says that budget surpluses are good, and that budget deficits are bad.

However the truth is the reverse. The power granted to the federal government allows it to create financial assets unmatched by any liabilities, and constrained only by the degree to which the economy has unused capacity and unemployed citizens or potential immigrants. By this means the federal government may implement essential spending for the good of the nation.

Membership means you are contributing to developing an economic system that supports our environment and the further development of our society.

Our governments should be spending on such things as: essential environmental projects, infrastructure development and maintenance, research on developing methods of electrical power generation as alternatives to those which depend upon burning fossil fuels, research on the development of all-electric vehicles, increased grants to citizens to help them install solar panels on their houses, making education at all levels affordable for citizens who desire it and are qualified to undertake it, increased funding for medical research and development, and grants to local government for approved projects.

ERA Review is the bi-monthly journal of Economic Reform Australia. Its purpose is to disseminate topical information relevant to ERA’s interests, to allow members and affiliates an opportunity to communicate to others about their concerns, and to provide a vehicle for publishing high-quality articles on relevant topics which may not be widely available through the mainstream media.

Membership fees are levied annually as from the date of joining ERA

General membership
$25.00 per annum

$20 per annum for
Pensioners, Students and Unwaged

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