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The ‘journal game’

Lars Syll

“Its publish or perish, and he hasn’t published”


I don’t mind your thinking slowly. I mind your publishing faster than you can think. (Nobel Laureate physicist Wolfgang Pauli)

Many of the submissions [to economics journals] do not appear to have been written in order to further economic knowledge. And whilst I understand the pressure on authors, particularly young academics, it is still disheartening that many economists seem to be playing the ‘journal game’ – producing variations on a theme that are uninteresting and do not enlighten. – John Hey (Managing Editor of The Economic Journal)

Sad to say, if anything, things have gotten even worse since Hey wrote this in 1997. Fortunately there are a few exceptions to the rule, like Cambridge Journal of Economics, Journal of Post- Keynesian economics, and Real-World Economics Review, journals full of interesting articles that enlighten.

Source: Real World Econ Rev,19 Feb 2016.

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It has been more profitable for us to bind together in the wrong direction than
to be alone in the right one. Those who have followed the assertive idiot rather
than the introspective wise person have passed us some of their genes. This is
apparent from a social pathology: psychopaths rally followers.
Nassim Taleb – The Black Swan: the impact of the highly improbable.


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