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Stiglitz says no to TPP health tradeoffs


A recent release issued by AFTINET has drawn attention to a warning by famous economist Prof Joseph Stiglitz – in a New York Times article published on 31st January [1] – that US proposals currently under review at the ongoing TPP (Trans-Pacific-Partnership [2] ) discussions would – if implemented – strengthen monopoly rights for pharmaceutical companies to delay cheaper generic medicines, and would undermine the government regulation of drug prices.

Stiglitz also warned that if these US proposals were accepted and incorporated in the TPP, then they could become the new global standard, and that the entire world would pay a price in the form of higher medicine prices, worse health outcomes and unnecessary deaths.

The deal which would incorporate these proposals might be only a matter of weeks away [3]. Readers are urged to send a message now to the Australian Trade Minister to say no to these and other harmful proposals in the TPP!





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