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Second MMT Summer School to be held in Poland


The following information appeared recently on the Facebook site of Mod- ern Money Theory (MMT) Australia, posted by Marcin Czhor.

The second edition of the MMT Sum- mer School in Poznań, Poland is being organised by Fundacja im. Edwarda Lipińskiego and Heterodox Publishing House (Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne “Heterodox”). The school is scheduled for 10-14 August 2022, and the venue is Poznań, Mostowa 10 Street, Poland Applications deadline is 8 July, 2022. For further info:

The summer school is intended for economics students, PhD students, practitioners and early-career researchers interested in the Modern Monetary Theory. We provide an international learning environment for those interested in deepening their knowledge of modern money: its origins, the notion of tax-driven money, inflation, modelling MMT’s price theory, and MMT- based policy proposals – such as Job Guarantee and Green New Deal.

The school’s confirmed speakers include:

Dirk Ehnts (Germany), Steve Keen (UK), Alexander Valchyshen (USA), L. Randall Wray (USA), Yeva Nersisyan (USA), James Juniper (Australia), Iwo Augustyński (Poland), Sam Levey (USA), Steven Hail (Australia)

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