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On the brink of war and economic collapse

Extracts from an article by Paul Craig Roberts

Dr Paul Craig Roberts writes regularly on matters relating to the current state of the world, particularly geostrategic and military issues, global economic trends, and also the poorly recognised but highly effective matrix of economic and social conditioning. He is uniquely positioned to do so, as a former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for Economic Policy. The extracts below are from a very recent article with the same title as the above:

“As I have often remarked, Americans are an insouciant people. They are simply unaware. Suppose they were aware, suppose that the entire population understood the peril; could anything be done, or have Americans fallen under the control of the police state that Washington has created?

“I don’t think there is much hope from the American people. The American people cannot tell genuine from fake leadership, and the ruling private elites will not permit real leaders to emerge. Moreover, there is no organized movement in opposition to the neoconservatives.

“The hope comes from outside the political system. The hope is that the House of Cards and rigged markets erected by policymakers for the benefit of the One Percent collapses. David Stockman * regards this outcome as a highly likely one. The collapse that Stockman sees as being on its way is the same collapse about which I have warned. Moreover, the number of Black Swans which can originate collapse are even more numerous than the ones Stockman correctly identifies. Some financial organizations are worried about a lack of liquidity in the fixed income (bonds) and derivatives markets. Barbara Novack, co-chair of Black Rock, is lobbying hard for a derivatives bailout mechanism.

“David Stockman’s article * is important. Read it until you understand it, and you will know more than most everyone.

“Many will ask: If the wealth of the One Percent is vulnerable to economic collapse, will war be initiated to protect this wealth and to blame the Russians or Chinese for the hardships that engulf the American population? My answer is that the kind of collapse that I expect, and that David Stockman and no doubt others expect, presents government with such social, political, and economic insecurity that organizing for a major war becomes impossible.

“Whereas the political impotence of the American people and the vassalage of the Western World impose no constraints on Washington, economic collapse brings revolutions and the demise of the existing order. As hard as collapse would make it for people to survive, the chances for survival are higher than in the event of nuclear war.”

* David Stockman, 12 Dec 2014

Source: OpEdNews 12 Dec 2014

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