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Obscure government report shows Elizabeth Warren is right about TPP

Extract from an article by Zaid Jilani [1]

“This is not a trade agreement. It’s about intellectual property and dispute settlement”


U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren

“As opponents and advocates of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) continue to battle it out, the debate over the agreement has largely focused on the issue of trade – whether jobs will be lost or gained, what the agreement will do to our trade deficit, and other related matters.

“ It’s worth pointing out that the United States already trades heavily with the other 11 nations included in the TPP talks. As Paul Krugman says [2], ‘this is not a trade agreement. It’s about intellectual property and dispute settlement; the big beneficiaries are likely to be pharma companies and firms that want to sue governments’. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been particularly critical of the so-called Investor State Dispute Settlement provisions [3], which would empower corporations to use international courts to sue the U.S. government and others who are enacting regulations and protections that harm their profits.

“ The Obama administration is arguing that the deal is instead about trade and increasing American exports abroad. They have set up a web page [4] on the U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) site listing the benefits of exports from each of the fifty states in order to argue for the Trans-Pacific agreement.

“ Yet an obscure government document put out by that very same office makes Warren’s case for her. The office puts out an annual report on ‘foreign trade barriers’ around the world, going country by country to list complaints the U.S. government has about their laws with respect to commerce. If you read the 2015 report [5], you’ll quickly see that many of the complaints are about laws designed to promote environment, labor, and anti-monopolistic practices – and relate only vaguely to the larger issues of trade and tariffs. The complaints seem more focused around opposing regulations that restrict the rights of multi-national corporations and their investors. “

[See Ref.1 for the full Alternet article]


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