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The NENA (New Economy Network Australia) Conference 2023 is scheduled to occur in in Canberra on 17-19 November.

The conference has a broad-ranging scope, focusing on the societal changes needed to achieve environmental sustainability and social justice. The draft program includes local, national and international speakers. There will also be site visits and social events.

Further information: nenaconference-2023

About the conference

It’s been said that it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. But today’s climate change, environmental decline and social justice challenges are forcing societies to rethink our economic systems and social governance.

Capitalism – the system that enables a small group of people to accumulate wealth by extracting and controlling resources, at the expense of the majority of people and our planet – hasn’t always been the dominant

human governance system and will not be in place forever. So what could life be like after capitalism? What might our society and economy look like? These are the questions NENA is exploring in our 2023 Conference.

Conference venue:

Ann Harding Conference Centre, The University of Canberra, ACT

Conference prices:

We have set conference ticket prices as low as possible, just enough to cover our venue hire and catering costs. Even so, we don’t want anyone to feel excluded, so if you need assistance with the ticket cost, please email us: [email protected]

Registration prices:

  1. Standard rate – $250

  2. Concession rate $180

  3. Pay it forward (buy your standard ticket and support a ticket for others who need assistance) $350

Organised by NENA’s Canberra Hub and the NENA Coordinating Hub.

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