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Kaine and Clinton now oppose the TPP – Editor

The U.S. Democratic Vice President nominee senator Tim Kaine, who has been supportive of Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the past, is now publically disavowing it – which shows how the U.S. political tides on this issue are really turning in elite circles. This reflects the extent to which the thinking of all the election candidates has been influenced by the relentless campaign against the TPP by non-establishment politicians like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, as well as the opposition of the influential progressive politician senator Elizabeth Warren.

An article by Vicki Needham on 27 July in The Hill [1] reports that Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton are now locked into opposition to a sweeping Pacific trade agreement, notwithstanding the support for it by president Obama. Kaine said that he cannot now support the TPP because it clearly provides foreign companies with the ability to change U.S. laws and regulations.

Source The Hill, 27 July 2016


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