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In memory of Jack Iggulden


Jack Iggulden, 1917-2010

Jack (John) Iggulden was a champion glider pilot who played a big role in creating the Gliding Federation of Australia in 1949, and soared to great heights in other pursuits. Born in Melbourne in 1917, he left school at age 13 to work in the family business, which his father had established in 1911 after arriving from New Zealand. To make ends meet, they also made boomerangs in the family factory. Apart from his pioneering work and teaching in the sport of gliding, his compilation of a manual of standard gliding procedures, and his achievement of Australian gliding titles, Jack had passions for both conservation and economic reform. In 1970, he was made founding president of Port Phillip Conservation Council. This led to his arrest during a demonstration in 1972 which opposed a pipeline across Port Phillip Bay.

In 1974, Jack moved his family and the business to Bellingen in NSW, where his sister lived. Jack wrote several novels that were published in Australia, U.K. and the US, with translations into other languages, plus several books relating to economics as well as his voluminous memoirs. Jack hosted a weekly radio program that ran for many years on an FM station at Bellingen. His company sponsored performances by live jazz artists, leading to the Bellingen Jazz Festival.

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