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Graduate Studies in the Economics of Sustainability


Modern Money Lab Inc. (MML) is an Australian research institute, which contributes towards developing new knowledge relating to political economy, particularly relating to the fields of fiscal and monetary policy, international finance, employment policy, climate change policy and ecological and social sustainability.

The research committee of MML consists of people drawn from academia and the financial sector, with recent and relevant experience of public pol-icy. We draw on the advice of external consultants, who are economists with recent and senior public policy experience or senior roles within relevant research organisations.

In 2022 MML and Torrens University will launch a suite of Graduate programs in Modern Monetary Theory and Ecological Economics.

These courses, which will range from Graduate Certificate to Doctoral level, will be a unique contribution to global economics education. No such program currently exists to the best of our knowledge anywhere in the world.

Expressions of interest will be responded to promptly. Formal applications should be accepted from July 2022 for commencement in September 2022.

Further information may be viewed  from the MML website:

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