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Geoff Harcourt’s legacy

Wayne McMillan

Geoff was my favourite Australian economist when I was first studying macroeconomics. It was Geoff’s original international contributions to Economics in the 1970’s that inspired me to continue studying Economics, when I had but all given up on the ‘dismal science’.

Any time spent with Geoff was an unforgettable, inspiring experience. Geoff had an incredible memory for names, places and ideas. He had a formidable intellect, was a wonderful teacher, amusing raconteur, intriguing, spell binding luncheon companion, and a man of great integrity, courage and good humour.

Geoff Harcourt was also Australia’s preeminent Post-Keynesian economist, a great economist of international standing, and a proud Australian. Geoff has left a rich, formidable legacy and a large hole in the ranks of those Australians involved in economic research, applied socio-economic policy and teaching. Australia has lost a great economist.


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