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Capitalism and production science vs impact science – Ikonoclast

(RWER blogs, originally posted as a comment)

There is clearly a strong correlation between science denialism and COVID- 19 case rates in developed and semi- developed countries. (The American model of) capitalism has an ambivalent relationship with science. Such a form of capitalism loves production science and technology, including of course mining, industrial, consumerist, military, security, control and persuasion techs but they hate impact science. The impact sciences of course measure the impacts of science and technology (and natural events) on the biosphere, environments, plants, animals and humans. Those who support the current economic system do not want any interference from impact science knowledge getting in the way of profits for the few. [1]

When it comes right down to it these people are anti-science. To accept only the answers you want (from production science) and to deny the answers you don’t want (from impact science) is unempirical and not in the spirit of the proper holistic (complex systems) application of science. Cherry-picking evidence and science disciplines for promotion and demotion on the basis of ideology is not a characteristic of a science-guided or an ethics guided society.

The current system is also anti-democratic. – the few who possess great wealth control the direction of our civilization more than any others. And it is anti-ethical. It destroys environments and humans for elite profits. That, as we would say in Australia, is the trifecta – anti-democratic, anti-science and anti- ethical. It’s a maladaptive system now in collapse. The proof lies in the out- comes. All serious impact scientists

know to high degree of probability (99% plus) that we are well on the pathway to complete global collapse. It is only one minute to midnight in terms of the urgency for change. The COVID-19 challenge is the last chance to change our path. Returning to business as usual (that is the continued destruction of the biosphere) is NOT an option. We must use the crisis to entirely remould our political economy. Decisions to save the biosphere must take precedence over decisions to make the rich richer.

Source: Real World Econ Rev Blog


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