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An update from Sustainable Prosperity Action Group

Gabrielle Bond and Steven Hail

Like it or not, economics has become the language of power. You cannot change the world without understanding it. – Ha-Joon Chang

Modern Money Lab invites applications to study the two foundation subjects of the Economics of Sustainability postgraduate degree as stand-alone online short courses. Together, they represent the two pillars of what we are striving for bringing together the need to live within our ecological limits with the policy tools that can enable a just transition to a sustainable future.

  1. Foundations of Real-World Economics covers the philosophy of economic enquiry and framing; the economics of living within our planetary boundaries; the psychology of decision-making and well-being; a realistic description of how markets work and of firm’s pricing decisions; a discussion of macroeconomic indicators and policies; and trade and development informed by the history of neocolonialism.

  2. Foundations of Modern Money, Institutions and Markets covers the main elements in a modern monetary system; interactions between public and private balance sheets; fiscal and monetary policy and the importance of monetary sovereignty, and the foreign exchange market, financial instability and international debt.

Whether you enrol in a degree with the Modern Money Lab and Torrens University Australia, or join us for one of our stand-alone, non assessed twelve week foundation courses, you will be part of an exceptional group of students.

Apply to join online classes in trimester 2, starting June 5:

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