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A tale of two financial collapses – David Icke

A very revealing comparison by David Icke between the responses of Iceland and USA to the global financial crisis.


  1. Prime Minister indicted.
  2. 200 criminal charges against bank executives.
  3. Banks allowed to fail.
  4. Forgiveness of home owner debt exceeding 110% of home value.


  1. Zero criminal charges.
  2. Bank executives given bonuses.
  3. Banks bailed out.
  4. Millions of foreclosures.


David Icke is a UK newspaper, radio and TV journalist, a BBC sports presenter, a spokesman for the Green Party, and has written around 20 books. He has travelled to more than 50 countries, researching and talking at public events. He believes that, no matter how bad and hopeless things may appear, you can survive and prosper if you are prepared to keep walking in your chosen direction and never give up.

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