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A basic income scheme – Ken Goodhue

The following comments by Ken Goodhue are in response to John Hermann’s previous statement that a basic income scheme is a good idea; but cannot be properly achieved without reforming the entire economy, especially monetary reform:

I agree with you John. The first thing that needs to be done is reform the present monetary system. There is already in NZ pressure being brought to bear to delay the eligibility of national superannuation, especially to a person who also has some other income. To advocate in present circumstances a basic income to be paid to everyone whatever their income, I believe would be political suicide, when we are having so much difficulty to convince people that there is a better way of managing the creation and distribution of credit. We should have an economy that will utilize everyone who is able to work, and make sure that they get a good basic income as a reward for their efforts. Certainly support those who are not able make a contribution because of health or disability, with a basic income, as well as the pensioners, who have already made their contribution to society. It is wrong when a government says it cannot afford this, when someone is unemployed and cannot find work. There may be unemployable people, but there should be no unemployed people — unless it is their choice. The real wealth of a country are its people. If one wants proof of this, one only has to look at an economy in time of war. Suddenly it all hinges on how many people are available, and how best to utilize them. Cost doesn’t even enter the equation!

Ken Goodhue is an ERA member living in New Zealand

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