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Economic Reform Australia 

working for a just and
sustainable society

Economic Reform Australia exists to promote a critical approach to economic thinking, commonly referred to as heterodox economics.
This challenge to orthodox economic thinking is prompted by the manifest failure of mainstream economic theory to support widespread social and environmental benefits for society. The wealth gap continues to expand, the natural environment continues to be degraded and social cohesion and well-being undermined.

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The limitations of an economic paradigm which promotes the “free market” as arbiter of social good is plain for all to see.

Heterodox economics covers a broad spectrum of insights and perspectives. Common to most however is a searing critique of the mainstream doctrine, often referred to as neoliberalism which has dominated economic and political discourse for over 40 years. Today it stands increasingly condemned by the dire consequences now confronting society and the natural environment.

The bi-monthly ERA Review is a compilation of contributions from economists around the globe. These help throw a light on the economic and financial structures which underlie many of critical issues of our time.

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Economic Reform Australia has no party political affiliation. Our goal is to promote debate amongst decision makers and the wider community about the economic foundations for a financially stable society based on social justice and ecological sustainability.

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Budget Repair
With the Covid pandemic the federal government has been spending into society to support businesses and individuals. This stimulus spending has provided support for businesses as well as families and individuals. It has been a lifesaver for many and resulted in a significant reduction in private sector debt.
Yet something has gone wrong and we are told that the budget needs to be repaired. The budget is of course a spreadsheet which lists all ingoings and outgoings as well as the resulting balance. So what has happened?
Do some spreadsheet formulae need updating, broken links need fixing?

We have experience with spreadsheets and stand ready to lend support.


The ERA Review is issued bi-monthly and includes contributors from around the globe. Some frequent contributors include …

A more extensive list can be found here.

The ERA Review is issued bi-monthly and includes contributors from around the globe. Some frequent contributors include …

A more extensive list can be found here.

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Economics is not a vanity project!

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